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27 January 2022

Arkel Education

School building

What We Offer Schools

With the knowledge and experience of 35 years in ICT Arkel is able to offer your school the best fit of equipment and individualised support to suit your needs. Whether you are running a primary / junior school, a secondary school, private, academy or LEA school Arkel can offer the services you require.


Arkel offer the whole range of ICT equipment as either stand- alone items or complete integrated systems. Whether you require components such as memory sticks or mice, a software licence agreement or a printer, a single PC, notebook or iPad, a complete integrated network, either in house or in the Cloud, Arkel offer you a choice of solutions. If you have in house IT support staff we are happy to supply goods only. For schools without the ICT expertise we also offer a complete solution starting with advice on how your proposed ICT suite may need altering, through to networking and fully installing a suite. Because Arkel offer an holistic approach to your needs, we also offer other items you may not be aware of such as the latest technology integrated touch screens, projectors and other such A/V equipment.

As expected, Arkel can supply computers from high street brands such as HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo etc., but we also offer our own range of bespoke Arkel computers. These are extremely high quality computers which come with a full three year warranty and are designed to suit your own individual needs. These often fulfil gaps in the market place for which the larger companies do not have a suitable solution.


Our holistic approach also extends to the customised support contracts that we can offer. We realise that education needs are constantly changing and we offer flexible support offerings to suit your needs. You do not need to have bought the equipment from Arkel. We support all types of equipment including Apple and PC based equipment.

If you are a generally self- contained school with your own ICT staff, or a very small school with few requirements we are able to offer telephone and remote support which speeds up trouble shooting and problem solving. Similarly we offer a full on-site service to resolve hardware related problems. Arkel stock a host of components which help us to resolve most hardware problems very quickly. You can pay for support on an as required basis or via a contract.

For schools without their own dedicated ICT staff you may require a contract with a regular call out (weekly, fortnightly or whatever best suits your school). This works out more convenient and cheaper for customers with a network of computers. We also maintain connections to these schools which report any problem immediately thus enabling us to respond more promptly should a problem arise. This form of support can also often detect potential problems before they arise. In any event it allows us to optimise performance that may have slowed down as a result of your everyday use.

The knowledge we have gained over 35 years means we can generally locate the source of a problem quicker than alternative suppliers. Not only does this result in a cheaper bill for you but also reduces possible system down time, thus saving you inconvenience and possibly even more money.

For customers who do have a support agreement we can also maintain a log of events that need to be organised such as anti-virus renewal and cloud / software subscriptions. We effectively act as your virtual IT manager.

Longer Term Agreements

Arkel offer schools the opportunity to acquire equipment and/or support over a period of up to four years. This is currently interest free. It has several advantages for you not only on budgeting and costs which can be split over several years but it also enables you to have your preferred requirements now rather than having a hotch-potch of different items supplied over a period of year, all with different specifications.

What are Your Requirements?

All schools will at some time require some IT equipment or support. We do NOT tell you what you need. We listen, discuss and advise you. Unlike sales only driven suppliers, we may even advise to keep the old piece of equipment for a bit longer. Whatever the advice, you control the final decision.

If your requirements are for equipment we can come up with solutions most suited to your needs. This may involve simply supplying the goods for you to install yourself, or offering you a complete solution which may include cabling, more often than not transferring data from existing equipment, and then installing the solution on-site. After that you may wish to take up a support agreement. The choice is yours.

If you simply require support on existing equipment (whether obtained from us or elsewhere) again, the first thing we do is to ascertain your needs and preferences and then offer you possible ways forward. The final choice is always yours. You may just have a one-time need which we can help you out with. Alternatively you may prefer longer term support. Our solutions are always tailored to your needs not ours.

For further information or to request a visit please call us on 01858 432495 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.